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Geometry Dash!

2017-07-24 17:38:02 by NeonRage

NeonRage I'm geometry dash is me. Lately I have been getting a lot of support and I do appreciate it! Feel free to contact me about anything then give me up to a month to respond (that's usually how often I check it), my friends list in GD is nearly full so if you do add me I will just message you. Thanks for listening and make sure to keep grinding those stars and building levels! Peace!


2016-11-06 11:57:27 by NeonRage

am i dead?

Scouted and Leaving(?)

2016-04-19 20:22:27 by NeonRage


Let's get straight to the point:

Ok. So that is done.

Anyways, in my newest song, Finale, I stated that this would be my final song, hence the name "Finale" I didn't even put •Neon•! But...


So if you looked at that link you would see the offer this team sent me...

Yes, of course, so if they ever want a song from me or something, I will make one...



But... This is probably not going to be that often so...



Have fun,



Song artist and game player

About Me

2016-01-07 18:12:07 by NeonRage

So I am a newbie gamer an song maker. I do take song requests for games as my music is very good for background music in video games. Just contact me. I upload every once in a while but am very active. Feel free to use my songs in videos and games or both (Lenny) I play GD and my steam is personal (My NG name) not so personal anymore (Lenny Again) feel free to add me. Oh, ad my GD name is NeonRage. Have fun with that. Bye